Unfortunately, our Time has Come

In Hattiesburg, the number of homeless is staggering. They sleep under tarps, they pitch tents in the woods, in abandoned buildings, in cars, behind Wal-Mart, and even under bridges. The picture is not pretty. The Fieldhouse for the Homeless, since its inception in September of 2013, has assisted in moving over 250 men, women, and children off the streets and in to safe and secure housing.

A Hand up, Not a Hand out

The Fieldhouse for the Homeless provides a safe haven from the danger, uncertainty, andindignity of living on the streets. Our mission is to provide barrier free services to empower those who find themselves in a desperate situation. The Fieldhouse has become a hub for the homeless in the Hattiesburg/Pine Belt area.

You Don't Know Their Need
Until You Know Their Name

A lot of needs become clear when you hear their stories. Our Community of Volunteers meet privately with each client to best determine how we can assist. We make every effort to reconnect them with family, while at the same time, best managing their present condition. We provide personal guidance to connect these individuals with the right resources to successfully exit the street life and transition to independent living.

It Takes a Village

The Fieldhouse does not stand alone in assisting the Homeless in our community. We are supported by local churches and synagogues and together we coordinate our efforts with Salvation Army, Christian Services, St. Vincents De Paul, Hope House, R3SM, PRVO, MUTHE, and other great public and private entities.

We Provide

Make A Donation

Counseling, Personal Hygiene Supplies, Showers, Washer, Dryer, Transportation, Bus Tokens, access to telephones, access to computers, access to clothing, family reunification assistance, pre employment training and support, State ID assistance, emergency food and shelter, application assistance for SSI, VA Benefits, SNAP, FAFSA.
We connect our clients to legal assistance, health care, housing opportunities, and jobs. For hundreds of adults and families living in the most severe poverty, The Fieldhouse, has become a place that offers safety and hope. The people we assist come from every economic background. While somecome from a family with a history of poverty and abuse, others come from loving families, but are temporarily experiencing a wildly unanticipated life event. Our volunteers distribute preassembled boxes of supplies, food, home furnishings,mattresses, TV's, etc to help with the transition from homelessness, into a safe and secure home environment.

Making a donation to The Fieldhouse for the Homeless is a great way to help support our the homeless in our community.

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President- Priscilla Brown
Vice President- Cynthia Young


5712 Hwy 49 South
Hattiesburg, MS 39401